Fire Coverage For Landlords

Acadian’s Dwelling Fire Insurance policy offers coverage specifically for property owners who own rental properties. Rest assured knowing your investment is protected from financial losses due to fire with this unique policy.

Every 86 seconds a residential
fire happens in the U.S.
77% of reported fires occur
inside a residence
72% of fires are caused by
cooking or home heating

What is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

The Landlord's Policy

Accentus Dwelling Fire policies protect you as both property owner and landlord, relieving you of the liability of any damage or injury resulting from fire and other hazards that may potentially take place on your property. Often referred to as the “Landlord’s Policy,” Dwelling Fire policy covers your property from more than just fire; it covers the repair and replacement of the property when damage is caused by windstorm or hail.

Why Should I Have Dwelling Fire Insurance?

Protect Your Investment, Prevent Your Liability

Dwelling Insurance protects your property from financial loss and can protect you against personal liability. Coverage can be customized for each of your rental properties to cover multiple risk types, including seasonal vacation homes and standard rentals.