We Make It Easy

Here are some basic steps you can anticipate in the event of damage to your property. Please note that because of your specific coverage, your claims process will be unique to you. Be sure you understand Your Duties After Loss so your claim is accepted and processed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Reporting The Loss

Our goal is to make your first steps as stress-free as possible. The first step is to contact us to submit a claim. An agent will provide you with a claim number.

If you have already reported a claim and haven’t heard from us within 72 hours, please call 888-796-6571, Option 3.

Assessing The Loss

After you have been assigned a claim number, one of our claims professionals will contact you to learn about the damage, schedule a time to perform an inspection, and offer solutions during your time of need. 

Inspecting The Damage

Most of the time an in-person inspection is required to properly document the damage and resolve your claim swiftly. During the inspection an adjuster will take photos and document evidence of your property’s damage. It’s always a good idea to also document the damage yourself for your own records.

Paying Your Claim

After completing the inspection, our claims professional will contact you to discuss the results of the inspection, an estimate of the cost to repair the damage, and make arrangements to have payment issued to you.

Repairing The Damages

With funds in hand, you can choose the contractor you wish to repair the damage.  We recommend you provide them with the results of the inspection and estimate of cost to repair the damage.  In some cases, in the course of performing repairs, contractors find additional damage not covered by the our estimate.  In this event, contact us for an additional review.